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API Dashboard Financing Order management

Product Update: November 2022

AUTHOR: The Balance product team

Credit note

Modifying an existing invoice, whether it’s because of inventory changes, over-billing a customer, or offering a discount—is a standard practice. This is why Balance now enables you to adjust the amount of a finalized invoice. You can decrease the invoice amount and issue a credit note—ensuring that your buyers are charged correctly.

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Mark invoices as paid

Balance now allows you to mark each invoice as paid, for cases in which the invoice was paid directly to the merchant or platform instead of to Balance. This enhancement facilitates the reconciliation process and allows your buyers to continue paying you directly, while still ensuring that all of your payment statuses are up-to-date. Once a transaction is marked as paid, the payment status will be updated.

This can all be easily done through the API and the dashboard. For financed transactions, once the status is marked as paid, the amount of the invoice will be deducted from your balance. This feature allows you to easily track and manage the status of all transactions. 

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